Friday, March 03, 2006

Samsung Releases 'Portable Window'

Today at the '26 Electronic Entertainment Expo, Samsung introduced the Portal Authentica, a new Ultra Definition TV that is not meant for watching vids or playing games, but as a way to poke a hole in your dreary cubicle.

The UDTV is 802.11n equipted and comes with a wireless 24 megapixal all-weather video recorder with mic. The idea is to have the camera pointed at your backyard and hang the TV in your office. If you work up to a dozen miles away, you'll have a reality-quality view of your suburban garden. And if you haven't cleaned up your yard lately, you can always sync the screen to any of the hundreds of web cams around the world. With its veritable sizing, it can be squeezed into the most cramped workspace, or, if you have the wallspace, stretched to the industry standard 8'x10'. The retail price for this gadget is $899, but expect the price to drop as the novelty fades.


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