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Police Tentions Lead To Reduced Highway Speeds

In New York, the tensions between local and state police officers escalates and interdepartmental enforcement of speed limits spreads across the state.

This all started four months ago when Chief Edger Heliet of the Islandia Police Department was run over and killed by State Trooper George Neilson while giving a routine speeding ticket. Forensic evidence and Heliet's camera installed in his car revealed that Neilson was traveling in access of 80MPH in the right-hand lane at the time of impact. Although Neilson was charged with one count of manslaughter, Judge Mitch Warner acquitted the State Trooper stating that that his speeding was done "in accordance with his duties."

After swift public outcry condemned the ruling, the Islandia Police Department issued a statement saying that they would strictly enforce the state's speed limit for all drivers, including State Troopers. Three local townships joined in the pledge in a show of solidarity.

After many reports of tickets issued to Troopers in the weeks that followed, State Troopers themselves began to pull over local law enforcement throughout Suffolk County. This "tit for tat" speed limit enforcement has spread as far north as Buffalo and is causing headaches for commuters.

"I used to remember getting pissed at cops flying past me going 20 miles per hour over [the speed limit] with no sirens or nothing," said Yorktown motorist Jack Dempson. "Now that they're hovering around 55 all the time... Well, I just hope I don't get 'cop locked' on the way to work."

Since motorists are warey of passing traffic cops, an open invitation for speeding tickets, a traffic jam can form behind a single police car. This 'cop locking' has become an almost daily annoyance for long commuters.

The slowing highways have left politicians in a difficult position since they cannot order law enforcement to resume breaking the law. A memo leaked from Governor Pataki's office suggested that law enforcement travel at 45 miles an hour on the highways to allow traffic to flow around them.

Whatever solution presents itself, there is no doubting the substantial savings in fuel costs and human lives. "In just a few weeks we've seen a reduction in highway accidents by 48% and deaths by 139% throughout the state," said Dr. Peter Statle of Mt. Sinai Hospital.

Professor David Elia of NYU, who studies gas price fluctuations, calculated the gas savings. "The average highway driver saved $20 last month. If this keeps up, they'll save another $100 by the end of the year."

But public officials may not want to keep this up. A recent AP poll showed the Empire State had statistical anomalies compared with the rest of the country concerning their mood. New Yorkers were seen to be more pessimistic and had lower approval ratings for public officials at all levels of government. Although having the strictest speed limit enforcement in the country has reaped benefits for New Yorkers, they don’t seem too pleased about it.



Blogger And Justice For All said...

Just happened to come across this story about speeding by Police Officers… just part of one of my own issues regarding law enforcement arrogance….

Reminds me of when I spent most of my life living in Suffolk County, NY, and on occasion seeing SC Police cars flying by in the left hand lane in broad daylight of the L.I. Expressway, with street clothed prisoners in the rear seat. Thought they were driving like NUTS! .. but, who was I to say. I was just some pathetic excuse of human being since I did not wear a blue uniform, badge, and carry a gun. Their driving along at excessive speeds with complete disregard for other human lives that they were passing on the same roadway! They were I a police car and to hell with everyone else and anyone that got in their way. WHAT AN ATTITUDE!!!!!!!!!

If I was able to drive like that and get away with it… and they would see to it that that NEVER happened, well, then I would be able to break the law just as they were ALWAYS doing and getting away with it. After all, who it going to pull over a police car, request license, registration, and proof of insurance... and then write a ticket to this police officer? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most likely, I would be arrested for some lie made up by the SCPD and possibly taken to a field with no one around and have my life threatened. Then after getting beaten... with no witnesses, of course, I would be dragged off to the police station and charged with resisting arrest. Believe it or not… It Happens!!!!

Sound Krazzzy??? It does! But it is ABSOLUTELY TRUE! It has always happened, still does, and always will. I know it seems very hard to believe, but when they make sure there are NO witnesses... these things DO happen. You have now found yourself in THEIR WORLD AND GOD HELP YOU!

And this is not something I am making up on the spot. I speak from my own personal experience and that of others ABSOLUTELY TRUTHFUL STATEMENTS, all of which have been fully and completely denied by the Suffolk County Police Departments and at ALL levels.

One example pertaining to this post, after being truly, falsely arrested by a very arrogant and loud mouth Suffolk County Police Officer, Steven DeSantis, badge # 4497 (aka, Scumbag)... of the 6th pct., in Coram, L.I., N.Y, during this completely hell that I was put through based on his actions, I was at one point put in a police car with other police officers at 3:am and driven to another police station. Still a victim of a False Arrest by the Suffolk County Police Dept, I was handcuffed, put in the right-rear seat of the Suffolk County Police car, I had a "Birds-eye" view of the police car speedometer doing 90 miles per hour on the L.I. Expressway.

What do you think would happen if… someone cut off this police car? Had a flat tire? Just completely lost control of the police vehicle? etc., etc., With ANYONE in the backseat of that police car, especially for me, handcuffed and unable to save my life if something did happen… possibly already dead???? Do you think that they would admit to any part of that accusation??? ...Of course NOT! Just as that and several other complaints about misconduct and illegal action on their part that was 'supposedly' investigated by the Internal Affairs Division of The Suffolk County Police Department… ALL would be completely and absolutely DENIED! That is their style. That is how they work to Serve and Protect each other.

According to Lt. Robert Harsch of the I.A.D., as a result of his complete and fully thorough, pathetic excuse of an Internal Affairs Investigation, he has spoken to ALL parties concerned and has without question, after locking arms with his fellow counter-parts in blue & closing ranks on me, his investigation has determined that my complaint, all my TRUTHFUL allegations, of which there were others, have been determined to be 'Unsubstantiated." …As per the polite letter sent by him from his office of the IAD. Classic lie from beginning to end.

Sent my personal 12 page typed written complaint to the commander of IAD and others in the SCPD… they never responded in anyway as they expectedly have no interest in the truth unless it affects them. Even sent a copy and personally met with the 6th pct. Commander, Philip Robolito… during our conversation, referring me to as ‘You New Yorker Types” …just to put me down while I gave him every once of respect due him in is presence. He was a rude and arrogant nasty son-of-bitch for his need to insult me in that manner with ABSOLUTELY no reason for him to do so or come at me that way. Just his way of reminding me I was not on his BLUE TEAM, and therefore, I deserved to be treated as scum in his eyes while he stood up and protected his lying buddies in BLUE. Did he really expect those liars that showed up in his office for his personal investigation to tell him the truth? That they lied and that I was telling the complete and absolute truth? They lied to save their own asses!!!! PATHETIC BEYONDS WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Classic case of the fox guarding the hen house.

I told the ABSOUTE TRUTH from beginning to end only to be told I was nothing but a liar. I live by the word of INTEGRITY! …100%! The Suffolk County Law Enforcement Department, ALL parties involved, from the D.A. to the Judge handling the case, could not have been more inconsiderate and uncaring about this whole matter. And not just mine, but all others that have been and continue to always be the victims of unfair and unjust treatment… guilty or innocent!


I do not forget, and never will that this is certainly by far NOT meant use the same color paint brush to taint all law enforcement with the same criticism. There certainly are much more, I would hope, live and serve in their dangerous jobs on a daily basis under the rule of Integrity as we would not survive without them. We must have them to help serve and protect, but not on the basis of serving with their own agendas when they see necessary and crushing our rights unnecessarily so that they may be able to serve while using their abusive powers available to them…as some do.

You have only heard a drop in the bucket concerning more TRUTH that I could share with you, but the police have no interest in hearing it. Do I hate or dislike the police? No and Never. Will I ever feel the need to trust them? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I prefer to fly under the radar and pray for those that find themselves at the mercy of those that act in a criminal nature, because they can and because they do.

Almost forgot... another issue regarding same world of Police Injustice and Insanity. As I and about 10 prisoners?... in total, were taken from the S.C.3rd pct in Bayshore, N.Y., another pair of NUT JOBS!...taking us to the courthouse for our hearing, having us all handcuffed in the back of the official police van... side-by-side, INTENTIONALLY floored the gas pedal on every take off... INTENTIONALLY jammed the brakes on every stop... And INTENTIONALLY took every turn on 2 wheels. All the time making jokes about it from the front of the vehicle. But, of course, as this was all completely and fully investigated by the Suffolk County Internal Affairs Dept., this was all part of my personal lies against these miserable arrogant MORONS! ...and never happened in the first place! TRUTH BE TOLD... It was really their OWN way of inflicting additional and ILLEGAL personally inflicted justice on us due to these pre-judged (by them) criminals they had in their custody. No one to stop them or even try to. Get away with it every time and ALL the time.

And... no doubt, as the story regarding >>> Although Neilson was charged with one count of manslaughter, ...Judge Mitch Warner would have also acquitted the S.C. Police Morons that we were forced to be in the custody of, stating that their reckless and ILLEGAL ACTS of speeding were as done "in accordance with their police duties." B.S. to their lies!!!!!

50 more pages of truthful testimony for anyone concerned in hearing the TRUTH. I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO HIDE! BUT THE SUFFOLK COUNTY POLICE DO... ALWAYS HAVE... STILL DO TO THIS DAY... AND THEY ALWAYS WILL.

Just telling it like IT IS, adn ALWAYS WILL!!!

My sincere apologies to those many police officers that DO perform the actions of serving and protecting the public and themselves as per the official job description... With Truth, Honor and Integrity.

Complaint # > 94639537

Suffolk County Police Dept Headquarters
30 Yaphank Avenue
Yaphank, N.Y. 11980

Phone 631 – 852 – 6000

September 17, 2006 3:31 PM  
Blogger Ian A. Stramen said...

The editorial staff here at the Canard Times are greatful that our groundbreaking article was so fully and completely accepted. The Canard Times itself, however, is without question utterly unmoved.

We hope that we have fulfilled our journalistic duties by exposing this non-occurance for the distict possibility that it may come into being.

Veraciously Yours,
Ian A. Stramen

September 17, 2006 9:57 PM  
Blogger integrityandjustice4all said...

Police Benevolent Association ..Don't ticket cops
Sunday, 04 April 2004 @ 20:08:27 EDT

Direct link to story /more...
The law requires everyone to follow the speed limit and other traffic regulations, but in Suffolk County, exceptions should be made for cops and their families, police union officials say.

Police Benevolent Association president Jeff Frayler said Thursday it has been union policy to discourage Suffolk police officers from issuing tickets to fellow officers, regardless of where they work.

"Police officers have discretion whenever they stop anyone, but they should particularly extend that courtesy in the case of other police officers and their families," Frayler said in a brief telephone interview Thursday. "It is a professional courtesy."

Frayler's comments echo views expressed in the spring union newsletter, in which treasurer Bill Mauck exhorts "you don't summons another cop" and says that when officers decline to cite each other, "the emotion you feel should be that of joy."
Direct link to story /more...

...and justice for all???

Yes! I absolutely agree! The Suffolk County Police Department should be allowed to be excluded from the rule of law regarding speeding in their private or police vehicles... and that their personal family members should also be included on the exclusion.

After all, why should any of them be held accountable for killing me or any member of my family because of their mindless uncaring of the laws of New York State? Just so they can allow themselves to be excluded from getting a speeding ticket, while the rest of us MUST PAY and be accountable for our actions, including killing someone else as a result of our speeding. Really! What purpose would it serve to treat them as somehow less deserving of this great respect for themselves that they feel they so rightly deserve when it comes to the 'rules of the road.' ????? It must be wonderful to think that they are so much better than the rest of the general public. Personally, it make me sick what they get away with already.

I'm sure that when the time, that would no doubt eventually come, that me, one of my family members, or any other law abiding citizen, they would be sorry for the death of our loved ones because of their actions… and then just go on with their lives. And just because we are not "Special members of the great and wonderful Blue Team" that should automatically be allowed to break the law when it comes to speeding down any highway in Suffolk County New York?

Might as well give them additional exceptions to other laws that all the rest of us are prosecuted for. Murder, drunk-driving, bank robbery, drug use, assault, etc., etc.,... (assault) which they do as per MY personal visualizations... reported to S.C.P.D. high command and their I.A.D. ...and determined that I have made up my true and 100% honest complaints and reports of same. They just love to determine that me and others of that speak with integrity, to be liars so that they can keep their own Blue Wall Of Silence from being broken. Congratulations to our wonderful heroes.

Be very careful of dealing with the police. With the uniform they wear, the badge that gives them extraordinary powers, the gun they carry, and with them making sure you have no witnesses to dispute their illegal acts, you may very easily find yourself with your own life in jeopardy. I know this to be absolute truth.

While their are many that are true to their honor and integrity of the public they serve, an extremely dangerous element still exist amongst them... and us!

BE CAREFUL WHEN IT COMES TO TRUSTING THE POLICE AS THEIR INTEREST IS TO LOOK AFTER AND PROTECT THEIR OWN... (Evident by the information they themselves have eluded to here in the enclosed article) EVEN IF IT MEANS 'YOUR' LIFE!

Just telling it like IT IS, and ALWAYS WILL!!!

My sincere apologies to those many police officers that DO perform the actions of serving and protecting the public and themselves as per the official job description... With Truth, Honor and Integrity.

Complaint # > 94639537

Suffolk County Police Dept Headquarters
30 Yaphank Avenue
Yaphank, N.Y. 11980

Phone 631 – 852 – 6000

October 07, 2006 9:32 PM  

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